Question: Why did you start

Answer: Some time ago a friend wanted to install a .apk file on his Android phone and he did not have a clue on how to do this.
So.. After some hours PHP coding was created for him (and other newbies).

Question: Sorry but have I missed something here?
Why on earth would ANYBODY really actually need to use this? (no offence) Has your friend lost the plot?
Why would you go through all this instead of simply installing a file manager like ASTRO via the market?
1) Copy apk to sd card/phone
2) Install ASTRO File Manager from market.
3) Navigate to the file on the sd card/phone
4) Install apk

Answer: Euhh?? My friend is already lost at step 1)
Now seriously. Not everybody gets the idea of Astro/File manager.
This is just another way to get to the goal.
Sometimes, even if you try to show them a better way of doing things, they still prefer another way which may seem not logical/takes a longer time.

Also. What if you do not have a card reader, or forgot your USB cable?

Question: I have phone ABC and I want to install program XYZ. When trying APKinstall I get the message "Install blocked; For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market". Can you help me?

Answer: Go to Settings -> Security, and check the box for the 'Unknown Sources' text.

Question: Do you maybe have a video on how to use for me?

Answer: We did not make this video, but have a look at the one from

Question: What is the maximum filesize that I can use with APKinstall?

Answer: The maximum filesize that you can upload to APKinstall is at the moment set to 50 MB.

Question: Why do the files get deleted after 15 minutes?

Answer: We need to do this unfortunately. If not, users (not you) will abuse the APKinstall system, and use this service to share files with other users.

Question: What is a QR code?

A QR Code is a specific matrix barcode, readable by dedicated QR Barcode reader and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded will in our case be the link to your .apk file on the APKinstall server.

Question: Can I get in contact with you?

Answer: Sure. Please use the contact option to do so.